License fee increase proposed

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License fee increase proposed

Postby JJ McGuire » Tue Oct 25, 2005 5:47 am

Monday, October 24, 2005
Pennsylvania Game Commission officials have asked state legislators to raise the cost of hunting licenses, saying they need $20 million in new revenue by July 1, 2007, if they are to keep serving sportsmen and wildlife.
But what should a license increase look like?
A coalition of hunting organizations, led by the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, has attempted to answer that question by crafting one possible license fee proposal. It would raise license costs in time for the 2007-08 license year. It further calls for fees to go up automatically every two years thereafter based on the cost of living index.
Under the proposal, the cost of a general hunting license would go from $20 to $34. That includes the $1 per license issuing agent fee. Such an increase would raise about $7.4 million in new revenue alone.
Archery licenses would go up just a bit -- from $16 to $18 -- since archers now have to share one week of their early season with muzzleloader hunters. Muzzleloader hunters, meanwhile, would see their licenses go from $11 to $18 since they "gained" that week in October.
The cost of bear licenses would climb from $16 to $26. The cost of a furtaker license would climb from $20 to $22, while doe licenses fees would remain the same, at $6.
The proposal also calls for creation of a $6 turkey stamp and an $11 pheasant stamp. The $3 migratory game bird stamp waterfowl and dove hunters now have to buy would become a $10 stamp, since Pennsylvania, unlike other states, does not require them to buy a state duck stamp.
No junior hunter license fees would increase under the proposal. Junior hunters would also be exempt from having to buy any of the new stamps.
Senior hunters would feel a pinch, however. The cost of senior resident licenses would increase from $13 to $20, while senior resident lifetime licenses would go from $51 to $125. Senior resident lifetime combination licenses would go from $101 to $300.
The thinking is that lifetime licenses actually cost the state money by causing Pennsylvania to lose out on matching federal funds. With people living longer, too, lifetime licenses are a losing proposition, members of the coalition said.
Hunters who want to target a variety of species, but who don't want to go through the aggravation of applying for a host of stamps, would be able to buy a "sportsmen's package." It would include all licenses and stamps and applications for the elk and bobcat drawings, along with a subscription to the Pennsylvania Game News.
The package would cost something like $135, which would be a savings of about $20 if the licenses were bought separately.
Coalition members stressed that their proposal is just a starting point for discussions. None of the groups involved have signed off on it, nor have any lawmakers taken it up.
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Postby macdaddy » Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:40 am

JJ: glad that you posted this.
Starting points too often end up policy. If $34.00 is the starting place, then it may be the end for me. No one seems to realize that, the more we make some non-necessity cost, the less that people will buy it. Look @ the declining numbers of youth hunters. Yes, yes, I know that they spend big on clothes & video games. But expensive hunting licenses won't attract them. After Nintendo, Nike, & Nautica have done their damage, there is little left over. & when they reach adulthood six or so years later, $34.00 will look worse. College tuition forever goes up. When the cost of the license looks like a full tank of gas - guess where that money's going.
PA is doing little or nothing to keep junior hunters. We give them their special days; that's when the kids go. When the "competition" comes in on regular opening days, only the diehard kids are out there. Raising fees to the point that adult hunters stay home won't send the right message to the kids. This is fast becoming an expensive state to live in.
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Postby Snaph » Wed Oct 26, 2005 11:47 pm

I can't remeber what post I said this in...but I told ya so. Pheasant stamp, turkey stamp...This is crap. Before long we are going to need to carry a three ring binder along to keep all of our stamps in. Rabbit stamp,
squirrel stamp, grouse (our state bird i rarely see) stamp, woodcock stamp, snow hare stamp...if we don't put a stop to it it will never end.
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Postby goosehunter2118 » Tue Nov 08, 2005 3:04 pm

A buddy told me this and I laughed and said, yea, sure it will. I really hope it won't. I have already spent $100 on tags this year and I don't need to spend any more money on it. :pissed:
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Postby Fili » Wed Nov 09, 2005 5:54 am

How much is my stamp going to cost to take a dump in the woods.

I do not understand why this proposal has a bear stamp at $26. It is only a three day hunt. While an archery stamp is $18 and that season is a month and half long plus the late season.

It's Bullshit.
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Postby Pigger » Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:42 pm

It's Bullshit.

I agree 100%!

Never did like the PGC!! :pissed:
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