Patience is a virtue.... AMEN

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Patience is a virtue.... AMEN

Postby duckphanaticinpa » Mon Jan 02, 2006 6:01 pm

Finally after several days of unsuccessful goose hunts in a newly aquired field. I hit the jackpot. For days now i watched flock after flock of geese give my spread no looks. Well today it all changed.

I decided to be a real waterfowl hunter and stick out the rain. Well not long after a little lunch break i returned to my layout blind. My buddy decided it was time for a nap. Well out of no where can Four different flocks of geese. All were at different locations across my horizon but all headed directly for me. After some aggressive calling with my new Foiles SMH and yelling for my buddy to wake up. Eight came in just at the far edge of my decoys. Well Mr. Hevi shot put one down. I only got one good shot off as i was calling and trying to work the rest of the birds but one was all it took. This was very exciting for me. This is the first time that i have set up all my own decoys and called all by myself. So breaking losing my virginity to today was a big confidence boster.

So the moral of this story is never give up.

Oh.. Last but not least Thank you suskie for all the lessons on calling and talking me into buying that new call.

Pics to come soon!
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Postby Pigger » Mon Jan 02, 2006 6:39 pm

Awesome! Congrats!!

We had a great day today too. Pics as soon as I can.
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Postby suskiedrake » Mon Jan 02, 2006 11:43 pm

Thanks brother and I will second that patience bit as well. I finally picked up the diver I have been after for some time now, A nice goldeneye drake!!! And the icing on top was I got him in the same spot I started hunting waterfowl when I was a young boy sneaking off to the river behind my parents house by myself before and after school. I felt like I was 12yrs old again, shooting birds for the first time.

Even though there is only two weeks left for ducks I feel I have had one of the best seasons I have ever had. Not only did I harvest my fair share of birds. I also met alot of good people along the way and spent time in my blind boat with many new friends. My only regret is not getting to hunt with my two favorite duck hunting partners as much as I would have liked to but there is still some season left for me to hunt with my father and Chris.

I want to thank the guys from the forum who I have spent time in the boat this season. And have made some good stories that will be retold over and over again in the off-season. Like the time Duckphantic watched me swim the boat in after smoking a lower unit thank God it was in the high 60's that morning.

Well there is 12 days left south zoners good luck to all and have safe trip in the field or water.

Happy hunting
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