Any SE PA Duckhunters out there?

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Any SE PA Duckhunters out there?

Postby dan61psu » Thu Jan 05, 2006 3:23 pm

Hey all -

I am a relative 'virgin' to Duck Hunting. I am currently living in Chester County, close to King of Prussia. I went my first time last year on Christmas eve in Lancaster County, on the Susquehanna by Chique's Rock.

My buddy and his dad took me out, and I think I fell in love with waterfowling. We only got one merganser, but it was more the experience than anything. I could have done without the barely submerged boulder holding the boat up at 4AM in the middle of the river, though. That was a little scary.

Anyways - I am lookign for a place to Duck Hunt in SE PA without a boat or a dog. All I have are my feet, some hunting gear and a new Remington 870 Super Mag. Kinda limits me, I know.

Is it too late in the season? I would guess a good number of the mallards and woods have moved on south? Should I try my hand at Snow or Canadian Goose?

Anybody have any ideas? I live right near Marsh Creek Park, which is apparently open to waterfowling, but I have no idea how good it is, or how accesible it would be for me...

Thanks! I look forward to learnign more about waterfoowling from you all!
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