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Postby suskiedrake » Tue Jan 24, 2006 9:38 am

Hope everyone had a great safe and success season this year. I know that I enjoyed on of the best ever. My blind boat help me to bag many different species that I never dreamed of harvesting in the area that I hunt primarily. And thank my better half for the patience and understanding to allow me to blow off almost all of my normal chores around the house. I am sure that probably wont happen again next year or allow me to have the same taxidermy bill again.

Some of the best success I have had is spending time on the river with old friends and alot of new ones met right here on this site. Knowing that I have met some new friends that appear to be the life long type from this site. As well as spending time with my best friends my father, H2084, and even my son Dylan aka greenwing.Especially watching him call in and land a goose by himself. Even though he far to young to be shooting yet the two best hunts I have had this year were with him and didnt even fire shot will stay with me for my rest of my life. As well as watching my father fold up a lone honker out of the bluebird Newyork sky at sunrise, in twilight of his hunting days.

Waterfowling has given me the oppurtunity to tell stories over and over agian in off season and years to come. I hope all of you had a great season as well, and look forward to next year and hope to get on water or in the field with some of you guys again and hopefully a few more new guys from here.

Well my season ends on thursday on the Wye river in MD on last request to the duck gods is for a nice bull Can to grace the presence of our spread. But if I dont even fire a shot the next couple of days I still know this is the best season I have ever had.

Thanks again guys and hope to hear some of your reflections on the past season as well.

Happy hunting, Suskiedrake
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Postby Pigger » Wed Jan 25, 2006 7:36 am

I also had my best season. Not in numbers of birds shot but the different species of ducks I shot both here and in North Dakota was great. I also got to meet some new friends thanks the these internet websites. I have until February 15th to hunt geese in the RP Zone. It's not quite over and already I'm looking to next season. If you guys want to experience something extra special. Go to ND waterfowling. I saw more ducks out there in one day than I saw here all year. Unbelievable! You don't need a guide. Drive out, do your homework and you'll kill plenty of birds.

If you can hunt during the week, we can still slap some honkers necks this year at my lease. I'd gladly host some guys from this site for a day if you guys can hunt during the week. Saturdays are usually full with family and friends. Not that you guys aren't my friends but you know what I mean.
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Postby duckphanaticinpa » Wed Jan 25, 2006 10:02 am

I have had the most memorable waterfowl seasons ever. After not picking up a gun for nearly 5 years due to the birth of my daughter it felt great to get back out and pay my respects to mother nature and God. What a wonderful life we as hunters have. Those who have never sat and watched the star filled sky slowly change and run through its vast color scheme before the sun rises. Or for those who have never had the opportunity to watch a flock of nearly hundred bluebills zoom down river. Or for the person who has never gotten up before all of mankind wakes to set up a spread to call in that lone honker for the first time.


None of those memories mean anythng unless you have someone to share them with. So thank you to those few guys who i have had the opportunity to share those moments with. For they are not just moments in time for me but long time stories that i will tell my granchildren and even more important lifelong friendships.

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