November 15th south zone opener

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November 15th south zone opener

Postby suskiedrake » Thu Nov 11, 2004 8:52 pm

Everybody ready for monday? Okay now for the important question, is anyone seeing any birds? I am just north of harrisburg and we are seeing nothing on the susquehanna, and unfortunately the woodies and teal we were blessed with in the early season have long gone seeking warmer climates. However the geese are moving but in big flocks.
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Postby 351w » Fri Nov 12, 2004 12:02 am

hey there,
just came a cross this forum and thought i would join in on some chit chat from close to home.
i hunt the susq river below bloomsburg and as for mon morn i will surely be standing along the bank somewhere but i had a meltdown on the last hunting trip and my motor is fried for now till i resurrect the little bugger!

i have been keeping an eye open for the ducks and still am seeing very few if any lately.
it is not looking good im my opinion.
when we had the flood before the early season there were thousands of ducks anywhere you went but the opening day i shot one woody drake and talked to several other hunter to find very few or no kills.
teal you say what do they look like i havent even seen one of those for the past 2 yrs.
all we have is woody's and mallards, atleast in the past yrs i did see some other birds like a stray black or a canvasback but this yr is guna be slim pickings.
just call me killer !
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