The home stretch

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Re: The home stretch

Postby timpy » Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:33 am

I got my dates mixed up, I thought I was done on Saturday. That is a bummer, I could have gone out Monday for another shot. Oh well, that will teach me I suppose. I do know the Goose dates though, I will be waiting for that one in a couple of weeks
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Re: The home stretch

Postby xxDuckWildxx » Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:11 pm

Got home from work early yesterday and threw the stuff in the truck and headed to lake, not expecting much since it was frozen for the past week until the recent warm up and rain. Not to mention my buddy had the good dekes, and I had the "2nd string" bag of dekes, the ones with no paint and tangled strings....Well, I ended up decoying in 2 geese with my 7 sad-looking mallard fakes and one drake merganser. Also had a flock of Blacks circle a couple times before landing in the middle of the lake, and about a minute and a half after LST was over I had a flock of 4 mallards lock em up and come on in...gun was already in the case...It was a decent way to send out the season. Today, the depression set in. Got home today early and it was raining, sleeting, blowing a little wind and I was itching to go out and get some duck action...but it's all over till next year :sad: :help: Oh well, still working on training the pup I guess that'll get me through!
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