Our plans for the Delta Chapter.

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Our plans for the Delta Chapter.

Postby don taylor » Fri Apr 05, 2013 11:10 am

I've had a few guys ask me what's going on with work days, meeting, etc. Here's the rundown for all that are interested.

After our successful banquet, we were left with some funds. These funds have to be usedd in accordance with our Delta charter. Our initial use of the funds was to be for woodie boxes and hen houses. But, being so late in the season, the likelihood of the boxes being utilized has stopped that project until later in the year or potentially until after the next banquet.

We are potentially planning a youth event for later in the season.

Several of our members are pursuing first hunt youth days where we'll be taking kids out during the upcoming season's youth days in September from families of non hunters or from families with no waterfowling history.

We are actively planning a benefit shoot for wounded veterans to sponsor a fully guided hunt. Most of the details for that have already taken shape. After all of it is finalized, I'll post up the dates, times and names of those involved.

We're talking about a river clean up day serving a dual purpose. While the litter is everywhere, we'll be targeting certain litter... the blue dock barrels we see lining the side of the river. Our buddy KDS came up with the idea if we can reclaim the barrels, we'll not only be cleaning up the banks, we'll also be collecting the bases for goose nesting platforms. Each barrel collected can be cut in half, have wood attached to the bottom for added flotation and reset in various places to be used by geese. We have some state parks and other areas already on board with this idea. Our only issue that has come up is storage. To set them now, they'd sit idle until the next breeding season. We don't have a designated place to store them while the summer and winter go by. When we find a spot to store them, we'll announce a day we'll all collectively. Go out in our boats and hit the different pools of our rivers. A venture like this will be great PR and will likely get us noticed.

Believe it or not, we have some things already happening for the next banquet and we are still finalizing the last one.

If you have any ideas for us, post up. I'd love to hear them. We're trying to be as active as possible.in the community.

As far as a meeting date, we're looking to keep them to a minimum unless absolutely necessary. With the summer coming, acations, kids and everything that's going on, we don't want to make people adjust their schedules for a unnecessary meeting.

Again, thanks to all the guys who came out to the banquet and supported us. We're trying to make a good impression and I hope we're succeeding.

Chairman- The Allegheny Chapter of Delta Waterfowl.

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Re: Our plans for the Delta Chapter.

Postby Coleman24 » Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:55 pm

I really like what you are doing with that chapter.. :thumbsup:
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