Noob to waterfowl

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Noob to waterfowl

Postby jmaker33 » Fri Aug 02, 2013 1:04 pm

Hey guys. I am new to duck hunting but not hunting. Just watned to give some info about myself. I live in erie county and have hunted white tail deer, rabbit, pheasant and turkey mainly. I have been hunting for 18 years now. I have a lot of experience in small game and about 8 years experience with white tail. I have always wanted to duck hunt and hear it's a blast. I am trying to find some places to go to get my feet wet sorta speak. I have 3 young kids that i would like to pass on the knowledge to when they are old enough which is another reason why i am looking to get the experience now. If anyone has any questions, suggestions, comments feel free to ask or share. I hope i can get to learnin and earnin and see what it's all about. Thansk guys.
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Re: Noob to waterfowl

Postby Conewago Duck'n » Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:06 am

Good luck with you're start at waterfowling, just be careful, it can become an addiction. I started out just giving it a try and now it is my number one hobby. Getting even better now as my son has turned 12 this year and I can start to pass my love of waterfowl hunting on to him.
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Re: Noob to waterfowl

Postby don taylor » Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:42 am

If I lived in Erie, I'd probably sign up for a blind on PI and also,, and this is the KEY. Do what all of the locals do. Have EVERYONE you know who possesses a hunting licence go to the TREC and sign up as well. All of their entries can count towards you. When they win, they simply sign the blind over to you. They don't even need to hunt ducks, just be good buddies of your's and drive down with their license and sign up.

There are tons of small patches of water all over Erie county, just about all of them hold ducks. Start looking for these small marshes and ponds. Usually by mid September you'll have a good idea where the ducks like to be. Look for small bodies of water that are close or touch. Where a pond almost touches a creek is a good example. Look for food sources as well. Head as far back away from people and roads that you can. People are lazy in general. The most crowded spots are always the easiest to get to. Spend the cash on a good, easy to run call. There is no cheap way to get around a call. Call companies don't make their best sounding, easiest to run calls in plastic. They make mediocre ones in plastic. You'll learn to be an effective caller using a call that is easy, not one that is cheap. Most people I know end up ditching the cheap call anyways. You end up paying 100 bucks for a good call, but you tack on the price of the cheapie that will just sit or get sold off for nothing. My father always compared cheap gear to Zebco fishing rods. Sure, you can catch fish with it, but how well and for how long will it do it's job? I personally don't buy into high priced decoys. Ducks are killed over black painted milk jugs and geese are killed over plastic bags and tires cut in half. You make the call on that one. Shoot clays, plenty of clays. Sporting clays are nice, but bouncing bunnies aren't going to be common on the water. Skeet will tune you into the side shots and regular old trap will tune you into the what I call the money shot. The 2nd shot. The first one is easy, dumb birds 20 yards away. Touch off the first though and every bird is flying straight away from you, just like a clay from a trap house. When you can send that 2nd shot on target, you'll bag two birds.... and in Pa, sometimes you only get one flock to work with. Practice, practice, practice.

I could probably crash the server with all I could type, but regardless of what I or other say, nothing will compare to the knowledge you'll gain by a few mornings, then a few years, out there doing it.

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