duck sightings

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duck sightings

Postby duckin' nutz15 » Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:08 am

hey guys, i've got a spot on the D. River thats been good to me for the past 2 years. saw all manner of species ducks on it this time last year. But this year im only seeing black ducks and mergs. and yes, im sure thats what im looking at :lol3: numbers im seeing are semi fine, but im wondering if anyone else isnt seeing as many species as they usually do. I have seen zero mallards on my past 4 hunts just as an example. screwy migration perhaps? :huh:
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Re: duck sightings

Postby xxDuckWildxx » Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:38 pm

For what it's worth I've hunted the same spot on the Brandywine River 3 times this past week. Tuesday we saw blacks, mallards and mergs. Friday we saw only mergs, not one puddle duck anywhere. Saturday we saw a couple groups of mallards and just a couple mergansers. No black ducks. It seems that duck sightings change daily down where we hunt. I've been hunting this spot since 2005 or so and it wasn't until recently that we started seeing black ducks. (2010 was the first time we shot one). Since then we see almost as many black ducks as mallards, even see them in the October season
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