hunting lakes

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hunting lakes

Postby jimbop2 » Mon Oct 10, 2005 8:39 am

hi all,
My dad and I are thinking of giving lake nockamixon a shot for ducks during the week (although I'm leary because I hear that there can sometimes be a lot of hunters). Hopefully will try to scout a little before hand but I was wondering if ducks prefer certain features of lakes over others like coves, mouth creeks points? etc. Any advice?
Also, we will be using a boat but it is metal aluminum and we have no dog, I was thinking of keeping the boat hidden somehow using camo burlap and making a makeshift blind on shore and using the boat to retrieve ducks. Does anyone else do this?
I'm fairly new to waterfowl hunting, I was introduced to it from some friends who took me out with them, but I've since moved back here to SE pa (allentown area) after going to college. I'm still inexperienced but have been practicing calling and have some decoys of my own now. I'd like to get my dad into it too. It's hard to find good places. If anyone in the area ever has openings to join for hunting please let me know if interested in having a couple guys join you (geese too)
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