E. Prov. 6 JJan

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E. Prov. 6 JJan

Postby Dylandawg » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:59 pm

Posting this in hopes to teach some ethics to fellow hunters and let the guilty party, if they are reading this know what jerks they really are.

To the %*$holes who hunted E. Prov more then likely launching out of Sabins Pt. 18" camo console boat white johnson outboard gang riged golden eyes, hunting out of your boat, 3 adults and what looked liked 1 child. Why the hell do you have to set up next to us within 100 yards. That cove is large enough for two parties. If I didn't have a child on my boat and the same for you I would done something both you and would have regreted. I get out way early so have I have a prime spot and if I get there later than you, I would just go find another spot. If this happens again, things will have a different outcome. I don't mind other hunters but a 100 yards, be real!
Also learn how to hunt, why the hell do all 4 guys have fire on a single or pair of birds and fire 12 shots. Don't you want to know who hits the bird or are you just out there just to kill and it doesn't matter who kills as long as it drops. Or are you guys such bad shots it takes 4 guns to drop a bird? There was 3 of us hunting and never did we have more than 2 guns hunting af one time. Another thing, your rig was too far away and it looked like $&^#. We had most of the birds pulling intto our rig and not yours why was that? Unless your shooting lead, birds 80 yards high and or out over your rig aren't going to drop very often. Learn how to hunt and be ethecial hunters @#%holes.....
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