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Postby VaTailfeathers » Tue Sep 27, 2011 7:32 am

First time on this forum. I live in Va, hunt Canadas, some ducks, swan and a then few deer for the freezer. Mid 50's in mileage, been hunting since the 70's ( 1970's,ha) Have a few boats, a filled garage and sheds, stuff all over, live a bacheolar life, hunt, drink beer, come and go as I like. I have vacationed in the NC Outer Banks. Like salt water fishing, especially surf fishing in the "off season" or in the "in season" when they are running. Fresh water fishing is ok but not the thrill or the smell or taste of salt. It's that simple for me. Looking at NC and SC as a pipe dream to retire some day. I want to retire sooner than later, rather live simply with a few hunting and fishing posessions than luxury crap that doesn't matter in life anyway, not that I had a luxury other than a new truck and a decent O/U, both once in my life. Got to be near salt water, and always til the day I die, near waterfowl. Looking at getting a Boykin in about 3 months, maybe sooner. Love SC for the few things I knowand many things I want to know, but the boys got THAT one right, I tell ya. Great dog, serious waterdog, family clown on land, and them eyes that mess with a grown man's heart. Figured I'd hang here a bit now and then if you don't mind. ( piss on ya if you do mind ,ha) I'll mind my manners, mostly when I can subdue the temptation to keep my trap shut, but I might slip with my sarcastic humor now and then. Me and the Preacher Man, we're working on it and made a few feet of progress all these years. I got my glory moments in time, I got my shortcommings like any man around here. I yank chains for all kinds of subjects my true friends raise, but I live by the hunting or Southern commandments that you don't talk about money you have, money you don't have, money he or she has....only money you'd like to have. Never say how ugly a guy's wife is, how worthless a man's dog is, criticize his truck or shotgun.
Oh, and I like to drink beer. :beer: Warm and rolling around a month in a truck bed, ice cold in a dove hunt cooler, import in a nice glass bottle with real tin foil, cheapest swill we can afford in an aluminium can. All it has to be is beer, wet, and somewhere near hunting and fishing and folks how follow it.

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Re: Introduction

Postby C-Hawk19 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:08 am

:welcome: To the SC forum Tailfeathers. Its always good to have someone else around here it can get kinda dead in the offseason. Like you I am leaning toward getting me a boykin around the start of the year.
You know your hunting in South Carolina when a bunch of ducks fly in and you shot both of them!!
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Re: Introduction

Postby carolinagreenhead » Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:15 pm

Hey how's it hangin? Glad to see you here but just remember....this isn't the VA forum.
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