Clarks Hill Lake

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Re: Clarks Hill Lake

Postby bigsprig » Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:28 am

Whether or not you get a ticket for "rallying" or not may depend on the warden.

We got a verbal warning a few years back from a warden who observed one of the boats in our group (there were 3) leave for the landing and go around (not through) a raft of ducks on the open water, effectively driving them from their resting place. We did not get any shots, but other hunters did. He said if the boat had come back to us after doing the driving, he would have written us up.

But since the boat went to the landing and did not drive through or otherwise harass the birds, he gave us a verbal warning.

As to kayaks, I do not think it is illegal unless you are driving them to someone, but again it might depend on the warden.
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