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Postby klee7013 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:02 pm

Had a good hunt at a WMA draw hunt today. Limited on woodies within 10 mins. Had some shot at a small group of teal, 3 gadwall, and 3 mallard but no luck. So ended up with 9 woodies and i got my first band thought i was never gonna get one its been 10 years. and we took one guy to our place and the first duck he ever shot was banded lucky s***.

But had a great time and the other group they must have been hunting far away from us because we didnt hear to much shooting and they had a group of 3 also. They got blacks/mottles(not sure what didnt stick around we had to go), some gadwall, a teal or 2, a mallard or 2, and some woodies. They ended up bringing out a dozen or more. We didnt see the big ducks that they saw :sad: but we had a great hunt overall. Alot of ducks roosting where we hunted. Heard some teal or some wigeon real close to the blind first thing but at shooting time they where not around.

But just wanted to let ya know there is some birds around but they have been hanging around a while(Green Jeans Said). They have been educated pretty well.

I will post some pics once i get them uploaded.

Hope yall have 2 safe weeks of hunting left and get your a** off DHC and go hunting.

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Postby carolinagreenhead » Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:12 pm

What hunt was this? Congrats btw.
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