Friendly Reminder

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Friendly Reminder

Postby Woodiewacker » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:19 pm

Hey guys its starting to get to be thay time of year...our favorite! The traffic will pick up here and elsewhere with all kinds of people the new the lazy and the curious...please remeber to be kinda vague when.posting about areas and spots..try not to post pictures with landmarks and boat ramps in the backgrouds...the cyber scouters will be lurking.. new guys do searches of ood posts and im sure you can find any answers you mayneed ifnot Then ask....we wil be glad to help if we can.. as the weathercools andthe seasons draw near lets all be thankful for our much beloved the woods and waters fill up lets be mindful of others also using the areas. Give space and be safe. Think and act smart out there it can be dangerous and mistakes and accidents happen lets not allow em to happen if we cantake the extra two seconds and think.about what we are doing... take a child hunting enjoy the scenery and the friends...good luck and may your straps and freezers be full by feb.
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