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wetlands project

Postby josh 06 » Sat Feb 10, 2007 7:28 pm

i live in rock hill sc near big allison creek if anyone knows where that is. i hunted there once this year but didnt have much luck,well i got one wood duck and saw about 20 mallards. it is a pretty big area fed by many creeks. in the very back there are alot of very shallow potholes that are dry in the summer but hold about a foot and half of water in the winter depending on the water level in lake wylie. as you get towards the main lake it gets deeper. i would love to plant this area this spring. ive one some research and i think wild rice and some biologic duck forage would grow well there. does anyone think it would be worth a try or would be willingg to help. it is public land but not alot of people go there. i know it sounds like a long shot but im running out of places to hunt. my best spot at another private lake has been over run by new hunters and i have had the police and game warden called twice on me this year because some folks didnt like guns going off so early in the morning. didnt get in trouble but i felt like i was being harrassed.any replies would be appreciated. oh and another thing do you think if i did try to get this place going would it be over run as well.or do you think there is still some respect for other hunters. i dont care if anyone else would go to this place i just would like a new place to go near home where you could have a good hunt without some ones pellets hitting you because they are so close.
josh 06
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Postby bulldog4 » Thu Feb 22, 2007 12:43 pm

Josh, I would help if you would help a new hunter out. Show the ropes and what not. Let me know.
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