for the new waterfowlers....

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for the new waterfowlers....

Postby Woodiewacker » Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:34 am

Have seen alot of posts here and elsewhere of people asking what it takes to get started...heres a list that i threw together of some of whats needed to hunt public land ducks...the figures are based off of moderatly priced working codition items and some new.
boat motor trailer..used 3000$ yearly upkeep.. 1000$
waders 250$
Jacket 250$
other clothing for waterfowling 250$
decoys 1 dozen 75$
weight line and bag for said dekes.. 100$
Shotgun and chokes 750$
shells..15-30$ per box
permits..60-100$ state depending
all that is basics..thats not a fancy boat and 1 dozen decoys is never enough and one shotgun is never enough and fuel.for the truck and boat..the hiurs spent rigging boats decoys and scouting and scouting andscouting..the wife waking up alone everyday for 3 months cause youre scouting and then hunting...the boat breakdowns and nightmares and the constant need for lots of little things..and the list can go on..
Im starting my 16 th season..seasoned vet right? Far from it...constant learning..steep curve...the boat took me 6 hours to ready the other day and its always ready to roll out to the river..all the equiptment and gear..must always have a back up plan for the back up plan...being out running rice field ditches at 4 am in 30° weather is dangerous honestly..i love it but im also always prepared for the what ifs...
as our seasons draw near lets all remember we are out there to have fun and do what we respectful.of others and be spot no duck no attitude is worth losing a life over...lets all take two extra minutes to be a bit safer amd make it home to those we love of luck and stay safe guys...

I saw this.elsewhere and posted here thought it was decent enough..
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Re: for the new waterfowlers....

Postby pudgedog95 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:16 pm

Forgot the most important part.... A friend or partner to teach you.
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