Another year down

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Duck Season Compared to Others

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Another year down

Postby SCoutdoorsman » Sun Jan 30, 2005 3:48 pm

Since today is the last day for our duck season how does everyone feel the season went. Tell us about your highlights and tradgedies of the season.
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Postby IBBoykin » Thu Feb 03, 2005 8:07 am

Here is Mississippi, we have heard good and bad stories, some from here and some from all the guys that hunt the Mississippi delta in Arkansas.
I know many a person that pays $4k a year per person on duck leases in the delta here in Mississippi. I paid $12.50 and hunted a national refuge right in the heart of all these prime leases. The birds there were phenominal. You would go in, and about 5 am, you would start hearing them chatter as they sat there on their roost. Then about 30 minutes before sunup, they would jump and start coming off the roost by the 1000's which made for some good heart pounding shooting. Then the ones that did not fly off to other places to feed, would fly into the north field (a flooded millet field) and would absolutely wear the decoys out. I would set up a temporary blind on a levee with a flooded field in front and behind me, put a decoy spread on both sides, and it would be hard to decide which birds on which side you wanted to shoot. It was a great year. So if any of you want to get out of SC one year and go on a hunt in the famed Mississippi delta, here is a money saving tip. Hunt public land.
Here you can hunt anything from flooded fields to flooded timber. For an option, visit and you can find a list of WMA's in which there are several in and around this refuge. Most with Greentree hunting areas.
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