Camp Woodie (send your kids)

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Camp Woodie (send your kids)

Postby SCoutdoorsman » Sat Mar 05, 2005 10:41 am

Parents, been looking for a place to send the kids for a summer camp well this is the place if they love the outdoors just as much as you.

Camp Woodie is the nation’s leading summer waterfowl and wildlife conservation camp. Camp Woodie exists to educate our youth and pass on our waterfowl heritage and the values of wildlife conservation. It is achieving its mission with the help of expert instructors that deliver hands-on fun filled education programs to our next generation of young waterfowl hunters and conservationists.

Camp Woodie started out with one cabin that housed 32 campers, a 5-stand sporting clays range, and five 3-D archery targets. Now the camp has a 48-bed bunkhouse and a 24-bed cabin for 72 campers per week.

The increasing number of campers enjoy many activities such as the new and improved walk-through sporting clays course, in addition to the 5-stand, a wetland trail, a rifle range, and an archery shed with over 30 targets. Camp Woodie also has a 25’x 50’ swimming pool.

Check it out mine is 5 and will go as soon as he is old enough, but from what I hear and read from others its a great place to send the kids, not to mention the free duck hunt you get to go to the following year with your kid :thumbsup:
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