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Postby josh 06 » Mon Oct 29, 2007 6:37 pm

i thought you guys would see more ducks down near the coast.i guess my spot aint that bad after all.ive seen lots of mallards and lots of woodies on the lake were i hunt.last year we killed alot of gadwall and ringnecks as well.for the first time in my life we shot some ruddy ducks i didnt know they were that small. funny lookin ducks.this year may be better im not sure if its legal but we planted some rice and they have been tearin it up. beaver ponds are dry but that may be to our benefit.theyll have to land on the pond. game wardens came their for the first time in twenty years.we dont do anything illegal but it was just strange.the pond is inthe middle of no where one way in one way out.i think some one complained or was worried by all the shooting.makes me feel im being watched.not to mention interupting the hunt.
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Postby wildfire5 » Mon Oct 29, 2007 7:15 pm

sounds like you have got you a good spot. The ducks are starting to come in here I was at cherry grove the other day and some ducks were out in the marsh so it is lookin good sofar. I saw some mallards while i was goose hunting in Sep. You never know I just think that the rich doctors and lawyers with all of the impounds in the rice feilds are going to have their gun barrells smokin, but I know where to find the woodies but that is not hard here or anywhere else in the state. I would love to be able to go somewhere local that i could have a good chance of a variety hunt, but all of it is better than being at work. Im just on a mission for a redhead this year I have a spot on my wall just for him. But if you want to do a trade hunt ill be more than happy to put you in the marsh anytime.
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