Guide for an October hunt

This forum is for those who enjoy South Dakota duck hunting. And from spring Snow goose hunting and the Pheasant hunting in the #1 Pheasant state in the US.

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Guide for an October hunt

Postby tbax » Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:24 pm

Hello, i am going to get a jump on the season this year and do some driving. I am looking for a guide for three days for myself and my sons age 13 and 17. I understand the lottery draw and am working on that now but need someone to put us on some birds. I do not want a lodge and meals (appears to be cost prohibitive) just some duck/goose in the am and point us to that field to case down pheasant in the afternoon. Any help would be greatly appreciated and i am fine with your brother in law as long as he has a history.
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Re: Guide for an October hunt

Postby nrohrbach » Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:49 pm

I've got a trip booked with 5 buddies in October with Coteau View Hunts, includes lodging but we're paying $250 a day. Great guys and in a great region! ... px?id=5355
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Re: Guide for an October hunt

Postby chiefbadger » Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:23 pm

I am curious if you were able to secure your duck license this year? I use Chad is a college educated, hard core goose guide and pheasant guide. He does not use foul language and I have referred education, Christian men to him, as we don't need our young sons learning bad habits on a trip. His cell number is 605-881-8446. With all due respect, no one is going to help you hunt pheasants for free in the Eastern half of SD. (If they do please call me)! It is a crop to the farmers, and you will have to pay a guide (who pays the farmer with cash or gifts), or spend many years building relationships. Chad is reasonable and will discount your sons fees. Housing can be tough to secure, so he can set you up there too, or do it on your own. The number of birds is mind boggling and worth the memories.

Personally, I pheasant hunt in SD and do my waterfowl in ND, cause we never have to worry about a license.

Let me know if I can help anymore.
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