North East?

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North East?

Postby BurnZ » Mon Oct 27, 2008 10:50 am

Hey, We're coming out there next week. up around the north east corner. Just curious as to what you guys are seeing right now? Any of the northern birds start coming down yet. We've had this cold weather the past couple days here and I was hoping that would push some down.

No, I'm not looking for spots just conditions like water levels and the types and numbers of birds your seeing. Me and my old man have been making this trip for 13 years now, And lived out there before that, so we know our way around.

Oh we're also going to be chasing some pheasants around the Huron area later in the week, anyone having luck around there? Last I heard a lot of the corn was still in so its been a little tuff getting them. Seeing many ducks in that area?

Thanks for any Info
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