Hunters Should Check And Care For Big Game Licenses

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Hunters Should Check And Care For Big Game Licenses

Postby mallardhunter » Mon Sep 12, 2005 9:01 pm

PIERRE, S.D. – It won’t be long before more of South Dakota’s big game seasons open, and hunters who received a big game license are reminded to check their tags to make sure everything is correct.

"It seems that every year, there is a last minute panic when a hunter is preparing to take the field. He or she opens the envelope containing the appropriate hunting tags and cannot find his or her tags, or finds the wrong tags or tags for a different hunter inside," said Scott Simpson, Game, Fish and Parks License Supervisor.

Simpson noted that the tags are sometimes erroneously stuffed in the wrong envelope during the handling of the tags. "These tags have an adhesive backing and can stick together. We have had occasion when the tag for one individual will be inadvertently placed in the envelope with another individual’s tag."

Another problem can occur when a license holder misplaces or destroys big game tags between the time he or she receives them and when the season opens. "License holders should always check their tags immediately upon receipt and then place them in a safe and secure location," Simpson said.

License holders who have tags missing from their envelope, or who find they have the tags of another individual, should contact the GFP License Office for instructions on how to correct the problem. The phone number for the License Office in (605) 773-3393.

Taking care of big game licenses well in advance of the hunting season will save a lot of grief when the season is about to open.

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