Question..hunting east Tenn.

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Question..hunting east Tenn.

Postby tdsmoneyman » Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:25 pm

Guys I'm from south Lousiana, my hunting buddy is from east Tennessee. He has a childhood friend that owns a 700 acre farm off the Tennessee river south of watts bar lake. A big portion is flooded timber but he also has a couple bean fields, he doesn't hunt any of it and told my buddy we are welcome to hunt it any time. My question is it it worth the drive, does that area just hold wood ducks or is there a chance to do well on mallards, geese ect. Any input would be greatley appreciated.
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Re: Question..hunting east Tenn.

Postby Preacher1011 » Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:40 pm

Beats me. You'll probably have to ask the friend. We don't get many migrators around here, we do get some but not what you'd call a good shoot. Private ponds are the place to be here though. That's where the ducks will be until they freeze up and where they will go hide when people shoot at them on public land. I'm sure it will hold woodies and probably teal in the early season just like everywhere else, but you may do well there about right now. We are getting migrations right now. I went out today on Loudon lake and saw migrators. Ask the landowner what he's seeing, then make your determination. :thumbsup: For East TN standards, I'd say you have a gem though.
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Re: Question..hunting east Tenn.

Postby Itchy Coyote » Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:33 am

I have hunted a long the Hiwassee River that should be just south of where you would be hunting. There are a fw management area there and they put out a lot of feed on them and the duck like to stay there. If it gets real cold and the ducks make it down before the end of hunting season it can be great. But it is so big abd so much water that after you shoot at a few they just move to open water.

If you know where they like to stay and feed it should be good, but if you don't know you just may get to shoot when you jump some up. Good luck if you make it up there and let us know.

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