Lost in Knoxville!

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Lost in Knoxville!

Postby DarkThirty Killer » Wed Aug 16, 2006 7:15 pm

hello everyone, I have just moved from central NC to Knoxville, due to wifes company closing and moving out of the country. My wife is originally from Jackson and graduated from UT, and I will be starting full time in a couple weeks (thanks to wife getting a great job). Love to shoot ducks and have been for about the last 12 years. I know nothing about this area and the opportunities it holds for duckhunters. Just wondering what to expect in this area, as far as numbers of ducks in this area. Any divers? I have a boat big enough to handle any rough water (or most rough water), and just wondering if anyone knows any good areas, or a good place to start, or would be willing to associate with a good ole boy from NC and kill a few birds together. I 'm not asking for honey holes, just a place to start. Any info would be a great help.
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Postby BT » Thu Sep 28, 2006 3:43 pm

Welcome to one of the greatest places on earth to live - unless you're a duck hunter! There are a lot of die-hard waterfowlers in E TN. We just have to really work for our ducks. After telling many of my W TN/AR/IL/MD friends how we have to do it, they swear they would quit if that was all they had.
I'm farther up the road in Greene Co, so I'm not real familar with Knox-area. The formula is pretty much the same.
Warm weather = farm ponds
Freeze up = river/lakes
I think this assumption is right - the farther down river you go (toward Chattanooga), the better you do (more ducks, more public land, better habitat). One big problem is TVA. For instance, Cherokee Lake. They own below the high water mark. In the winter you can hunt about anywhere. However, on Douglas, they don't own below the water. After draw down, you could be set up in mud 200 yds from the high water mark and technically be tresspassing on private land.
If the weather is right, we can get a good number of ducks, divers included.
Good luck!
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