Moving to Tennessee...

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Moving to Tennessee...

Postby mcn22 » Thu Sep 07, 2006 2:44 pm

Hey guys,

I recently got engaged and am making the move to Nashville. :getdown: I grew up in Kansas and have lived here my whole life, and as sad as it is to leave my homeland, I must leave to be with my future wife.

I have been hunting waterfowl for 5-6 years now and absolutely love it. Problem is, I have no idea what kind of waterfowl opportunities are available in TN. I would never ask for specific locations to hunt on a public forum such as this, but was just wondering if there are good waterfowl opportunities there? Is there a good amount of public land that I could atleast get started on before I get to know some of the locals for possible private hunting opportunities? Any help would be much appreciated.........seems like there are a lot of nice guys on this forum. :salude:

I'm definitely going to need some new hunting buddies as well. I don't know anyone in TN. Hopefully I bump into some fellow waterfowler's early on in the season. I plan on moving around November 1st.
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Postby SLIM » Sun Sep 10, 2006 7:56 pm


First, congrats on the marriage. For someone who is about to be in your shoes soon, my congratulations to you!

I have been hunting West TN the last 15 years, and now Middle TN for the last 3. I can tell you that the hunting is best for the public guys in western TN. I live in the Nashville area and here in Middle TN I hunt the WMA draw blinds of Old Hickory Lake. I have a place in West TN and do a few trips to Arkansas as well. Opening day is pretty hot for the blinds on Old Hickory, but once things get underway a good day (most of the time - unless you have one of the top 5 blinds on the lake) is 5-6 ducks.

Not sure if you have any experience with hunting draw blinds, but it's a different world than what I was used to growing up - having my own place that never got hunted unless we did. You know?

Don't be mislead. There are many ducks to be killed. The TN River system has 8-9 lakes on it running from all the way in East TN around Knoxville all the way through Middle TN on to Memphis.

Check out the folks over at for some timber hunting in West TN. You can also go to to check out the WMA (wildlife management area) blinds that the TN Game & Fish (TWRA) have set up.

I'll be glad to help you get started here. PM me or reply back to this message and we can you started. Welcome to TN and get ready for some good Duck Hunting!

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