North West Tennessee

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North West Tennessee

Postby Itchy Coyote » Sun Nov 12, 2006 4:33 pm

I live north of Memphis with nothing to do all year but I would like to find someone that would like to go duck hunting. I will go any where in the state to hunt and make a trip to east Tn. to try my luck there also.

But it is so hard to just find some place to hunt. So I like to see if anyone out there want to hunt but don't realy have a good spot like me.

I can hunt every day but never know when the brids are there and water plays a big part of where I hunt and when I hunt it. And in the last few years there has been no water and no ducks where I hunt.

I go to ARK. to hunt and making plans to go to Delaware so I can hunt both of the big bays this year.

I have a K5 Blaser, boat, lay out boat, motor home and a Lab. just no duck where I hunt. So is there anyone that is in the same spot as I am in.

You can check me out at if you like.

catch me if you can
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