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New to Chattanooga

Postby riverducker » Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:43 pm

Hi! I moved here in August from Roanoke, VA. I took a job with a company and it looks like I will be traveling until deer season is over, but I am hoping to find some waterfowling before the end of the season in January(?). I floated the upper James river in VA and the ducks were few and far between, geese were more regular. Can anybody tell me where the best chance for a few birds around Chattanooga might be? I have a 16' Old Town Discovery Sport (square stern w/ a trolling motor) rigged with a blind, some dekes, and almost know how to call. My Chessie/Lab mix hunting partner passed away this spring, but I think (don't know for sure) I will be able to see through the tears to shoot a few birds this season. I had great luck meeting good guys to hunt with through this forum in VA and NC, and I hope it holds true in TN as well. I love the Lord, load my own ammo, live for the adventure, and look forward to getting to know ya'll.
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Postby wishin4birds » Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:08 pm

hey man,
chattanooga is stuck in between the flyways, so ducks are a little hard to come by. i had some luck at the soddy creek wma, and i hear there are plenty of woodies on the north chickamauga wma, but i havent hunted it yet. ive seen some birds on the sale creek wma, but it was too warm to get them down. we do get some geese on all of those WMAs. i dont have goose dekes, so ive never tried for them. if youre willing to drive a little bit, there are some bad ass wmas full of birds outside of nashville and/or memphis. you can also contact the chattanooga chapter of DU. hope that helps.
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Postby ChattDuck » Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:25 am

Like Wishin said, the birds usually miss chattanooga for the most part. There doesn't seem to be much to hold the birds that do show up. Find other hunters to stay in touch with; in late Dec - Jan, we will get an occasional "push" of birds. There are geese to be had, but you will do best on private farms, which is tough for an out of towner. Go to the Hiawassee Refuge and talk to the biologist there. You may get a lot of info there. That being said, I bought my last TN license last year. I tried west TN, but I now hunt the marshes of La. Let me know if you are interested in a road trip.
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