The Bird Flu

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The Bird Flu

Postby Jager » Sun Oct 16, 2005 10:20 pm

I had dinner with my Dr. and his wife tonight. we've been friends for a while and I actually got him into guns and hunting...

He strongly suggested that I put a hold on migratory bird hunting this year. He said it's actually worse than they like to admitt it, fearing public freaking out.

I'm just giving everyone a heads up. I know I will be hunting much less this year. I'd rather be safe than sorry and hunt in peace in future... you should too.
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The Bird Flu

Postby MicroMike » Mon Oct 24, 2005 11:53 am

I would reccomend that people cleaning wild game take the same percautions at all times.

Don't clean the animal if you have cuts on your hands (I wear nitrile gloves, they're stronger than latex). Wear some kind of eye protection so that blood or body fluids do not end up in your eyes. Don't use equipment that will put microscopic droplets of blood or other body fluids into the air (saws, axes, etc...), and if you get sick tell your doctor that you have recently cleaned wild game. Clean the implements, bowls, plates and any other tools completely with soap and water. Wash your hands and arms (even if you wore gloves).

Ducks are a major carrier of viruses, especially influenza. I do not believe that any one should avoid duck hunting because of this though. If it was such a great risk, thousands of duck hunters would fall ill from influenza every year.

BTW, the bird flu you've been hearing about on the news has not infected a single human as of last Friday. On the news it sounds like thousands are dying, and it's true.... Thousands of chickens!

As a microbiologist I feel the risk of catching influenza by cleaning a duck is lower than that run by anyone who gets on an airplane during flu season.
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Postby wildphilhickup » Tue Oct 25, 2005 12:49 pm

I wood like to rekomind that all ewe duck hunters stay home this seazon.
If'n ewe git sick, ewe wont bee abil to hunt this year oar next year.
I will lets ewe nose how good this seazon waz in Jan-ewe-air-ee.

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