Rookie Season Recap

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Rookie Season Recap

Postby SATX duckman » Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:31 am

Well it started mid summer with a conversation about things we used to do at work. Turns out two of us used to duck hunt in our younger years. We ended up with an agreement that he would buy and train the dog and I would take on the boat purchase. After that I did what any smart renewed duck hunter would do... search the web for duck hunting locations. I had previousley hunted on a lease and that we to be out of the question. Damn those things are expensive. Through my search I found this particular sight and ended up going through a couple of threads. Put out some feelers and was able to get in contact with some people that were willing to put a blindfold on me and point me at least in the right direction. I get that people try to keep their secret location locked up tighter than fort knox, i have some now that will take waterboarding to get them out of me.

So a boat was purchased a blind was built. A dog was purchased and sent off for training. Then was the beginning of trying to aquire everything needed to be successful hunters. 12 doz decoys between the two of us. Mojos, full chokes, adv max 4 everything so on and so on. We scouted places we figured would be holding ducks prior to the season with no luck. Our first hunt was to a wma and aside from a gator keeping us company there was nothing to be seen. It makes it fun picking up decoys in water you cant see more that 6" into knowing there is a gator in there much bigger than yourself. From there it was to the place that we knew would have ducks, the coast.

Asking around at work for other duck hunters and people that i knew were big time fishermen we found a spot on the coast. With help from someone on here we were again given a place to start searching. Putting the boat in we drove out and settled into a location not to far out. We saw the ducks and knew it was only a matter of time. Bam!!! A plane goes over spooks them all up and we had about 10 min of hundreds of ducks coming into our decoys. I had never seen anything like it. That was it we were back in love with duck hunting. A few more trips to the coast and we found a location through some research. We were able to find a place within 1 1/2 hours drive from the house. It wasnt the best hunting but it was still hunting. The dog came back from training in time for our last hunt of the season. A thing of beauty to see a dog working properly.

I will chalk this season up as a learning and preparing season for next year. Going to be out scouting out locations but I know have a pretty good grasp of places that will hold ducks. Id like that thank the guys on here that gave me the info and help that they did. Id also like to thank them for not giving me too much. There is a certain pride knowing that you may of beent taken to the waters edge but you are the one who got in and saw hold cold it was.

For those that are going to be taking on a rookie season of their own I wish you the best of luck. It would be much MUCH cheaper for you to just get a guide a few times a year and let them do all the work for you. But if your like me and want to go it on your own setting up roots now for when you boys come of age go for it. Id find a partner who is willing to go in with you. And you decide the boat or the dog, from there you need to..... :fingerpt:
SATX duckman
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Re: Rookie Season Recap

Postby LoganSFA » Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:49 am

nows a great time to look around since the ducks are still here!
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