Anyone else hunt the Katy Prairie?

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Anyone else hunt the Katy Prairie?

Postby taylor_335 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:18 pm

I guide on the Katy prairie, and we had a really slow season this past year. Anyone else suffer like we did?
Also, what are you guys using in your decoys spreads?
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Re: Anyone else hunt the Katy Prairie?

Postby Waterfowler06 » Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:27 am

Not Katy, but I guide in Garwood. We actually had a good year but we also had water. I used to guide in Eagle Lake as well but there's not too much going on over there either.

As far as decoy spreads I used about 5 dozen or so just about every time. Scouting as always was the biggest determining factor and as season went on the birds would fly late...I had a few groups of guys who believed 100% that if you don't get your birds by 8:30am then you just weren't gonna get em. I even had those same guys another time and I told em that we need to stick this out because the birds have been flying late, we would kill the teal early on of course but they just wouldn't wait for the pintails and gadwalls to come around...they refused and figured a hot breakfast was a good enough reason to get back to the club. Back to decoys, most folks just leave one pocket for ducks to land in but I always make two. It's a little different than other peoples and it gives them two options on where to land. Other times I would throw half of the decoys pretty far out, maybe 40 yards or so, and put the other decoys to the side of us but a lot closer to the bank (or levee). Having the far decoys gives the ducks a feeling of more security instead of landing right in front of people all of the time. The decoys close to the levee were to the side of so the ducks couldn't focus on us then. Having one spread close to the side and another far away left a perfect shooting passage for the ducks to swing through.
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