My First Hunt (sorta) & First Limit (shoulda been)

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My First Hunt (sorta) & First Limit (shoulda been)

Postby waterfowler0013 » Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:45 pm

First of all, thank you to everyone on here for your post and all the great information.

Saturday I went out on my first hunt, well first not counting the previous weekend when no shots were fired. I went out with a guide, just northeast of Waco. It is his first year doing the guide service, and it only cost me $50. I was knee deep in the water and a blind, and the action was great.fortunately, my waiters pants jacket and all held up and I was able to stay warm. while we were finishing up setting decoys, a large group of mallards flew over that were well within our range. before I even got my gun loaded, a wood duck plopped down right in the middle of the decoys. when I put the shells in, it took off. a few minutes later, a single ringneck hen came in and i took it with my first shot. Next we had a group of 12-16 mallards decoy perfectly, and i got my first greenhead. The action continued like this off and on with the lulls in the heavy rain. Overall i ended up with those first two, along with a pintail drake. I missed quite a few close shots and should have limitrd out. However, it was a grrat trip and i wasnt upset over that at all!

I will be back for more this weekend!!!! Thanks yall!
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