bare the ice and slight snow first time

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bare the ice and slight snow first time

Postby A-Team » Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:01 pm

This morning was very cold. New to duck hunting and using a boat it was blast. We a scouted the area this past week and found a cove we wanted. Got set at the boat ramp and found we were the fourth boat to launch in this 100 acre lake.
When I bought my 1546 Ryan craft it came with a Johnson Sea Horse10 motor. Haven't tested it and not quite sure how but I habe two weeks to do so before the season opena up again. We started paddling and headed to the cove. TAKEN... So we went further set up and set the blind up. Had birds coming in and setting on the decoys before legal shooting time. Got a few and had fun. I am HOOKED. The other hunters were doing pretty well as far as I could tell. Ended up shooting two coots after a few problems I had. All in all I was pleased. Also watched quite a few sets of geese fly over little out of range haha.
Not sure why but my pictures won't load. Ill down size them and add them when I can.
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