mn boy is restless - wants to hunt geese in panhandle

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mn boy is restless - wants to hunt geese in panhandle

Postby hounded » Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:31 pm

winter is getting long and mn boy is getting restless. myself, my dad and a couple buddies would like to take a hunting trip to the panhandle early jan. it would be much appreciated if someone could tell me: 1) could freelance hunters be successful in this area if we are willing to put the time in to scout? 2) are landowners receptive to giving permission to hunt their fields - we wouldnt ask to drive in them? 3) are there huntable numbers of snow geese in the area or is it mostly cans? 4) how much hunting pressure is there? million dollar question - would it be worth driving 1100 miles south or would it be a waste of time? any insight/direction would be greatly appreciated. thanks, paul
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