Hunting Texas Lakes

Some of the best waterfowl hunting in the nation. Learn and share your experiences duck hunting in the Republic of Texas. From the Canada geese of the Panhandle to the Snows of Houston and estuaries for ducks on the coast and the livestock impoundments to the west.

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Hunting Texas Lakes

Postby Grant48 » Fri Sep 16, 2005 8:50 am

OK, this will probably seem like a stupid question to most of yall, but... how do I find out if its legal to hunt on particular lakes in Texas? I've looked all over the TP&W website, but it only seems to deal specifically with state WMA's.

For example, my family used to have some lakefront property on Lake Fork for fishing, and I'd see duck hunters out on boats all the time. However, there is no mention of hunting on Lake Fork on the TP&W website.

So... that leaves me confused. How do I find out if its OK, legally, to hunt lakes?
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Postby spanky » Fri Sep 16, 2005 9:17 am

I believe that you need to look at what water district that lake is in. For example at Richland Chambers it was built for water to supply Ft. Worth. It's either Tarrant county water district or Ft. Worth, don't remember for sure which one. Hope this helps some.

I think Fork was built to supply water for Dallas, could be wrong though.

I found a site that might answer your questions, or at least you can shoot them a e-mail and get a reply. Sabine River Authority at

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Postby eddo » Mon Sep 19, 2005 6:38 pm

Each lake that is built by damming a river in texas should be controlled by that particular river authority such as Trinity river authority for Richland chambers or Lake Livingston.
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