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Give me some feedback

Postby Quack-Addict23 » Wed Oct 13, 2004 7:29 am

Howdy boys, This is Quack Addict. It is really good to see that the Utah section is growing! I was wondering how you all felt about posting up hunting reports every ssunday on how your week was. I will post the topic as Hunting Reports week of whatever to whatever, then just post your report, brag a little bit!!! Let me know what you think.
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Postby duckster » Wed Oct 13, 2004 9:22 am

That sounds like a great idea, it would help me out.
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Postby Bret » Wed Oct 13, 2004 3:03 pm

I will be happy to tell how I have done, but will never post where I am hunting on a public forum. I am happy to tell my close freinds and family. All I will say is I hunt all public ground in Northern Utah. I made the mistake of telling the wrong someone where I was getting into them once during tough duck times and they posted it. the next weekend I could not find a place to put a decoy. The places that I hunt are not secrets and do not need advertised. Sorry I have just been at this game for a while and have worked hard, kept records, and learned a bunch about where and how to get into ducks at certain times of the year in certain weather patterns. The fun thing about waterfowling is that I learn new things every year. One of my havorite parts is trying to figure things out.
good hunting, and I wish you all the best success.:thumbsup:

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Postby Spiraleyes » Wed Oct 13, 2004 3:13 pm

Great idea Addict. Bret, no worries man. I wouldn't tell anyone my spots on a public forum, either. I wouldn't tell anyone except for maybe a close friend or two. However, it is nice to hear that people are getting action during slow times. So just let us know what your results are, and we'll all be pleased! :mrgreen:
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