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Re: cold day;0

Postby 10Tenner » Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:20 pm

Were was it banded? Bad year for bands for me this year, only one, 13 SW Brigham city. I think they are banding the golf course geese; then the place they transplant them is the location of the banded goose. I know of one source that they did not band cutler this year, but transplanted 300+ of the golf course and transplanted them there. My brother shot one opening day. Looks like you are hunting Weber, or just over into BoxElder county, the power lines give it away. 10Tenner
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Re: cold day;0

Postby slcduckkilla » Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:06 pm

All Ducked Up wrote:
hamernhonkers wrote:
slcduckkilla wrote:
hamernhonkers wrote:
slcduckkilla wrote:
canvas6 wrote:Ha Ha you guys are to funny , love haters you know it really doesn't matter if you relive it or not because guess what it's one more goose and band you won't get.

Lol..... Ya I shoot pleanty of geese and have a grip of bands, not jealous I think its great!.Not many duck bands but plenty of banded geese.... I'm not hating just asking yet to either confirm or deny the allegations up to you bro? I could careless not my rep.......

Go up to the goose hunters forum back up the main page and look at the first thread. I think that will answer it for all.

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So what you are saying 'canvas6' scolded some dude for doing something he was also doing? Or are you saying 'canvas6' did not engage in these actions all together and it was Clint Calder? Either way does 'canvas6' have crap to say other than we are 'jealous' and 'haters'????? I bet 'canvas6' blows a Foiles 'straight meat' I mean the call not foiles himself..... I think that comment deserved to be called a hater lol

I am not commenting at all on his actions on this one. Just figure it can be argued either way in that thread and it seems like that thread is a much better set up for this.

Live from somewhere beneath the desert and brought to you via Tapatalk

just curious what this is referencing? the out of season duck or the collared and banded geese issue from the division?
I'm not trying to stir the pot but knowing now the past I really don't think I'm going to care what "certain individuals" say due to the ethical conflict.

Just curious you guys seem like you know something more about it I was trying to follow your direction but was getting tied up trying to find it.

I don't know 'Canvas6' or 'Canvass6' but he was terror on the boards jumping all over someone named Clint Calder that was caught shooting banded and collared birds in parks in or out of season. Awhile back someone accused him of wacking some ducks out of season. I do not believe he has ever denied or owned the allegations.

As for the goose congrats it is not that often to knock down a banded bird congrats to you for that. I apologize I think I took the board off topic and should apologize and the focus should have remained on the success of your bird. My apologizes and MERRY XMAS
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Re: cold day;0

Postby hooperhonker » Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:54 am

Seriously guys? Wow, pretty woman, good looking bird with a band? OMG, it has to be made up.

Brit, nice bird and cograts!!!! :thumbsup:
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Re: cold day;0

Postby Dep6 » Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:30 am

Congratulations on a nice bird!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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