A good day

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A good day

Postby darb79 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:08 pm

Been a while since I have put anything up on here but it has been a fantastic season, lots of birds to be found, watching my pup mature in the field, and taking a couple new hunters out in the field for their first birds. The latter was definatly the highlight of my season.
Just to share the story of one of the kids, he is a 14 year old who I actually invited his dad for a hunt but he wasent able to go due to work schedule but he asked if I would be willing to take his boy. I agreed and a plan was made for a little pond I had been watching some geese spending their days loafing with green heads and teal. "The kid is not a morning person", his mom warned me. But when I showed up at his door a 530 he was bright eyed and ready to go (2 liter of dew in his hand).
He had no waders so the water set was all me and I had him set the full body and shell goose deks along the shore. With alot of coaching he was able to set the deks with about 5 min till shooting hour. As we settled into the blind a pair of gaddies came and dropped in the hole and I told him my two rules in my blind. Whispering to him I said "always keep that gun on safe until it is pointed at the bird, and second dont shoot my decoys". Then pointing at the gaddie in the middle of the kill hole swiming around I said, "once my phone quacks its legal shooting time, stand and blast that duck".
The phone quacked and with the grace of a 6'+ teenager with shoes the size of boat oars he stumbled to his feet and put the bead on the bird and froze, the duck didnt see him and kept swimming along. I finally squealed "shoot it" and he slewced his first duck. A drake gadwall (also my first duck as well) lay flopping in the water and I sent the pup for the retrieve. The kid was all grins and giggles after that. He ended up shooting a drake green wing teal as well.
We didnt have the number of birds I had hoped for, the geese didnt show at all, but it was a day that will stay with that kid for a long time.
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Re: A good day

Postby loner » Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:32 pm

that's a cool story, love takin newbes on their first hunt!
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