Farmington Bay Highway Impacts - This Saturday

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Farmington Bay Highway Impacts - This Saturday

Postby koast » Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:26 am

Hey all, wanted to spread the word about this for anyone else that is worried:

I'm part of a group of Farmington residents that are trying to spread the word about the next phase of the Legacy highway system. I don't know if you're aware of some of the discussions that have been going on with it, but the project is called the West Davis Corridor and UDOT's decision for a suggested route will be coming this spring. UDOT is selecting between various options for different segments of the highway, including the section running through the Farmington/Kaysville area. There are two options being considered for this section, one of which could dramatically impact hunting in the Farmington Bay area. This route is called the Glover Lane Option and would add an elevated highway along the northern end of the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area with an average height of 18 feet (maximum of 33 feet). It would then swing north, hitting other prime duck & geese hunting areas, again with an average height of 18 feet. You can find a map of the proposed route on the second page of the flyer here:

The other potential route for this section of the highway is called the Shepard Lane Option and has received a lot of attention from UDOT because of concerns raised by citizens. However, we don't feel that UDOT has properly considered the full impact of the Glover Lane Option because those concerned with this route have not received the same attention from UDOT. For this reason, we have organized a short rally for this coming Saturday, February 23rd, along Glover Lane to highlight our concerns. Full details are on the first page of the flyer I linked above, but it's really just getting those together that would be affected by this to demonstrate to UDOT how concerned we are. As seen on the flyer, it's not just hunters we're reaching out to, but a wide range of groups.

There will be representation there from each of these groups and hopefully a good turnout from concerned hunters as well. We're trying to get as many people there as possible because the media and UDOT will be in attendance and it's the last chance to show UDOT this option has deep impacts as well. Anyone that can attend will help a lot.

More information on the West Davis Corridor and it's impacts can be found at these links:
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