January 15th favor……….

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January 15th favor……….

Postby Erie » Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:56 pm

Normally I'd never ask for the favor in return but here I sit. My name is Ben and I live in western Washington, I've hosted a handful of people throughout my 3 years living in Washington now and Im hoping someone will provide me the same opportunity on the 15th of January. I'm traveling through on the 15th to head to the central flyway to finish the remainder of the season and have a friend that lives in Ogden that has never been duck hunting and has been asking that I show him the ropes for a few years now.

We are both in the military, don't knowingly break any rules and are looking for a one day or even a half day hunt with someone ~2 hours of Ogden. I will make sure that Andrew has all the appropriate license prior to the hunt and we will cover the days costs gas, lunch and pints following the hunt. I've met some good guys who are welcome back out to Washington to hunt sea ducks with me and I've met some not so good guys who'd I'd never speak with again so I know the uncertainty of taking someone you don't know.

Truth be told, I don't even care if I fire a shot but I'd like to see Andrew get the whole experience early cold morning, setting decoys, listening to someone work a call, watching the world come to life ect. The kinda stuff that we sometimes take for granted. I have two MOmarsh DPs that I could potentially pull down if anyone thought that, that would ease the pain of taking two people out.

If you think that as the season draws down here that you can possibly facilitate him and I or even just him (I'll tag along with the camera) I'd greatly appreciate it.

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