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Postby VtechSkybuster » Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:47 am

How did Everyone do?

Satudays Nasty weather was one of the best hunts ive had. The three of us shot 18 ducks along with a couple mergs by three. We really should have been done earlier but with the strong wind we had a hard time knocking them down. We shot way to much but it was an awsome morning. Our buddies blind next to us ended up with 22 for four guys. It was a great day in our side of Goose bay.
Sunday on the other hand was a bust. We had a few shots and only got one by 10 and said to hell with it. I dont no if they got hammered to hard on sat making them not want to fly, or if they moved out overnight. Hopefully they start flying mid week cuz im going back out.

Anyone know how to post pics? Ill Throw some up if you let me know, I forgot.
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