well that sucked!

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well that sucked!

Postby brokermike » Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:02 am

Went out this morning to some public land (first mistake) that I've been scouting about a month. It wasn't my first choice but I had to work today and it was only 2 miles from the house. The birds have been roosting and loafing on a small lake and boat launch and then coasting across the lake to a small cut hay field.

Set up a dozen full body geese, climbed in the layout blind, and waited for daylight to break. As the sun finally came up I could watch the family flocks, through binoculars, loaf around the boat launch in prepartion to fly over and begin feeding. All of a sudden it sounded like world war II as some nitwit ground pounded them on the boat launch after stepping about 20' from his truck. Despite the ground pound he only killed three birds on the ground, his buddy shot one in the air out over the lake, and crippled another that crashed down in the swamp behind them. The rest of the birds headed North in one hell of a hurry after having their roost shot to hell.

Worst of all, after packing up all my decoys and layout, I had to walk by them to get to my truck (it was a long walk in to the field I hunt) and they couldn't figure out how they were going to get the bird that landed in the lake because they had neither dog, nor boat. I'm not sure if they even had any intent to go after the bird that crashed in the swamp.

Gotta love opening day of d-bag season!

On a bright note, we killed 9 on the NY opener, despite not being on the X and having most of the birds land outside of our dekes.
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Re: well that sucked!

Postby VTfowl » Fri Sep 20, 2013 5:36 am

some hunters just give ourselves a bad name doing stuff like that. Its too bad stupid people have to ruin it for the real sportsman but you'll have that! All you can do is laugh at their stupidity
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