Of all the luck

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Of all the luck

Postby LBeinhaur » Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:31 am

Here's a good one for ya.
I was out on Dead Creek yesterday morning and didn't see but one goose fly by.
Around 10 or so I decided to go get a bite and maybe watch some football. Then come back out in the afternoon/evening.

I left my 6 floaters where they were and headed out. I came back around 330 PM and from where I launch my Otter 1200 I could see my dekes off in the distance. I watch for a few minutes and it sure looked like there were more dekes there then when I left.

I played it smart and went up along the right bank and stayed out of sight. I got in behind where my bilind is and snuck up through , crawling on my hands and knees into the back of the blind.
When I looked out over the top I saw 18 geese 100 yds or so from my blind. OF ALL THE LUCK!!!
I tried my best to intice them to come on over with feeding calls and imitating there quiet honks but no luck.
They hung around about 45 minutes and then decided to take off.

It sure was fun watching and calling to them, but no goose dinner tonight.
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Postby vt dukhntr » Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:56 pm

If you're hunting water in the early season leaving at 10:00 is the worst time to leave. Don't need to be there until 10:00, the birds around here are in the fields until at least 10, or later. Unless they are shot at (not as common weekdays) they don't return anytime soon.
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