West-Central Vermont

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West-Central Vermont

Postby NW_Vermont » Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:52 pm

Hello all.

I'm a newly registered lurker who has visited and enjoyed everybody's posts for years. I'm a duck hunter who primarily hunts on Lake Champlain up by the Canadian Border.

A request- I have the opportunity for a day trip between Burlington and Rutland in the upcoming week or so. On this trip, I hope to squeeze in an afternoon hunt at a new-to-me, hopefully lucrative place.

Because this won't be the primary purpose of my trip, I'll be equipped with only waders, kayak and a half-dozen dekes.

Certainly not looking for private honey holes, I'd like any suggestions for a public WMA with reasonable and safe access to paddle into or walk into.

It appears from my research here and at the State's website that the Little Otter Creek WMA in Ferrisburgh is a possibility. Dead Creek WMA in Addison appears to have some areas to the north and south that don't have special restrictions. These may fit the "bill".

With this info, does anybody want to share some suggestions on where I could see a good mid-week hunt on public land?

Thanks in advance.


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