Shelburne Pond Questions

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Shelburne Pond Questions

Postby Wadsw » Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:17 am

I am new to duck hunting and have spent the last couple of seasons hunting from a boat blind that I have been able to easily get in and out of (shallows) and set up everything in shallow water with a firm bottom.

Had my first experience in Shelburne Pond this year (late season) and had difficulty setting up this way - deep water - floating cat-tails, mucky bottom on the north end of the pond.

For next year I'm going to prepare a little better - extension pole for the Mojo's, etc. Also my decoy anchor lines are only about 6 feet long - so that's another problem that will need to be fixed.

Anyone out there with experience on this pond. How deep is it - any tips or tricks for a newbie.


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Postby chambo32 » Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:01 pm

How late season were you out there and did you seen many birds? Yeah certain spots right next to the cattails drop right off and you will need longer lines and a very long mojo pole. There is a slough on the NW end that is good if you can back there with a boat or canoe. It is very shallow. The majority of the birds are gone after a two or three weeks it seems. People still hunt it but not usually with good success.
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Postby vt dukhntr » Thu Jan 01, 2009 7:32 pm

There is no bottom! Shelburne pond is a bottomless sludge pond, you fall in you're gone!!

It's not a heavy trafic area, but there are in fact ducks in and out throughout the whole season. Your not likely to shoot a limit in there after about day 2 of the season. When the lake is closed you might get in and pick up a bird or 2. Its actually surprising the amount of hunters that go there compared to the number of ducks. A lot of the ducks also don't land on the open pond, but the holes to the NE (seen from Route 116) or the channel on the NW. There are also some small holes to the NW if you look for them. Not quick to get to, not a ton of shooting area...BUT!

Fact is because of the depth of most of the pond, its not really a "ducky" location. The northern corners, or the SE marsh area are about the only places to shoot ducks. The SE is almost inaccessable, and the NW usually has a hunter in it.

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Postby Champney » Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:16 pm

I only hunt there in the break between the lake seasons because there are no ducks in there. I've only shot some mallards, teal and a wigeon in there. It's too deep for me I rather hunt the lake. there are some good holes in there when the lake is high pressured.
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