Any ideas????....... [i]AND THANKS[/i]

For information on local hunting and meet other hunters here in the Virginia duck hunting forum.

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Any ideas????....... [i]AND THANKS[/i]

Postby cut_un » Fri Dec 02, 2005 7:49 pm

I want to thank you guys for all the support of this site :salude: and enjoyment for me :thumbsup: I will be the first to say that you guys are "top drawer" I read other sites and well .will admit, there is lots of name callin, finger pointing, passing judgements fussing, cussing, you name it :thumbsdown: . Seems they can not pull together for the fun of the sport, and 'just get along" :salude: :salude:

It's been a while since we've talked about ways to make this site even better. I know some of you shop around and visit other sites :oops: an d that's ok..... I guess :pissed: Just kidding :help: Just wondering how we compare :thumbsup: :thumbsdown: and are they doing anything different/better than we are. Maybe we could get -er -done and have even mo- fun on our site :salude: again, thanks :laughing: :laughing:
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Postby vah2ofowler22 » Fri Dec 02, 2005 11:15 pm

You know you got a great point there. We have a great bunch of guys here. And it looks like our numbers a growing. I know i tell everyone about it. Lets keep this good thing going.
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