Bad PR as I see it

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Bad PR as I see it

Postby cut_un » Tue Dec 06, 2005 4:13 pm

:oops: :oops: Do not know if it's just me but...... Have any of you fowlers seem the latest F&S mag. The pic of the fellow standing out in the corn field holding up to fine lookin C Geese. All looks good but all you can see is the fact that he has breasted the pair and looks to me as if he's proud of his kill :oops: :oops: If we are to send a positive message to the "non hunting public" seems to me they could have stopped short of the blood lettin! Did not read the article so not sure just what they were driving at ... but as they say, a picture IS worth 10,000 words or as I see it "waste" of a resource"
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Postby LEWDOG » Tue Dec 06, 2005 4:30 pm

I don't get the rag but it's hard to believe that any hunting rag would put a blood and guts photo in , unless it has something to do with the contents . I do agree that a picture will say it all to a non-hunter . It's like that photo on the fuge of the Xmas deer made out of lights , being a hunter I liked it , but when I told my wife of it she said "That's Sick" and her Mom & Dad said the same thing .

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