Now it's over with

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Now it's over with

Postby NorthDuck » Tue Sep 26, 2006 4:10 am

Well the September Goose season is over with. I was blessed with the opportunities of hunting in the Fredercksburg area, thanks to my boss and his in-laws.

Now comes the real challenge, hunting from a floater in Virginia. I have notice the northern part of Virginia is much different than Carolina (blind laws) :help: :help: .

I hope to hunt the eastern shore, it looks like I might have a chance with a floater.

What do I need to be careful of hunting on eastern shore?

NorthDuck :smile:
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Postby SDSheetz » Tue Sep 26, 2006 6:39 am

The Tide, the tide, and the tide. Just make sure that if you get in some place that you can get your self out. Even on the Potomac and it tributaries you have to be carefull. Where my blind is on the Belmont Bay there can be as much as a three or four foot differece during Neep and ebb tides.

Good luck though. I have never hunted on the eastern tip over there, but I here there are a lot of sea duscks.
Capt. Steve Sheetz
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Postby LEWDOG » Tue Sep 26, 2006 9:25 am

ND what SDS said is the best way to talk about a Eastern Shore hunt
I here there are a lot of sea duscks.
Hunting over there you will see Black Ducks (1 a day) , Mergansers , Brant (seaside) and Seaducks . Now there is a dang good chance you may get into a knot of just about any other kind of waterfowl while on the hunt but don't bank on it .

What do I need to be careful of hunting on eastern shore?

The Ocean side and a North West wind is never done alone (2 boats min.) .
Having a point of contact is a must , someone that you can leave a float plan of where you will be at and what time you plan to be back . Get a friend to go with you on the hunt and each take the wife/girlfriend to shop and worry :umm: . Take little steps , there really is no reason to go 1 mile pass the boat ramp .
Leave the dog home or don't let them out of the boat , the OYSTER SHELLS are everywhere .

If I was you I would take a hard long look at heading west and south , there is no bridge toll , the rooms are cheaper and the ducks are fatter :thumbsup: .

:smile: LD :smile:
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The hardest thing a duck hunter in Va. has to do is to Not read more into the blind laws then what is in black and white . Lewdog 1999
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