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The eastern side of the nation has some of the best hunting. Share your West Virginia duck hunting tips, tactics, insights and information.

Re: Duck Hunting Tips & Tactics

Postby Z.herndon » Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:16 pm

Boat camouflage

There a couple of things about boat camouflage that I want to mention.
1.) cover the motor. Make sure that your motor isn't sticking out. I have seen a ton of duck blinds that look pretty good but the. Yu look at the back of it and nothing covers the motor.
2.) the top of the blind. This is the most overlooked part of a duck blind. Everyone always looks at the sides of the blind and get it covered up good, but when the ducks get over top of you they can see right into your blind. Take you some grass bunches or limbs bunched up together and put them in between you and the other hunters positions in your boat. This helps break up your outline and makes the boat look more like the natural vegation around you.
3.) don't leave coolers and other bright objects in the bottom of your boat that the ducks can see. I simple can of flat spray paint can help that very easy.
4.) make sure that your blind on your boat is matched up with the natural vegation that you are hunting. Don't put fast grass on your blind and go hunt open water or flooded timber. If you do take a machete with you and cut some limbs or other things down a cd blend your blind on with the surroundings, this will help the birds to commit easier.
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Re: Duck Hunting Tips & Tactics

Postby MapleCreek » Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:28 pm

These are great. Thanks for the tips!
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Re: Duck Hunting Tips & Tactics

Postby WOODIE13 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:30 pm

Do not lift your boat motor in freezing temps or it will freeze solid. If it does or you find it froze, put the motor in the water, start it, let run for a minute, then shut it off, wait a minute, restart. If it is not spitting water, go home or choose a different spot to walk in to.
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