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SB317 update: We believe we have a final amendment that will likely pass the Senate late this afternoon or tomorrow. After that, if it passes the House intact:

- No city will be able to have or keep a firearm registry, a 3 day wait, or limit handgun purchases to one per month.

- No city will be able to use 61-7-14, claiming to be the “owner” of city property and as such, possess the right to prohibit carry as Martinsburg has done.

- No city will be able to regulate carry on city streets and sidewalks, parks, and other open-air areas of city property unless the city blocks parts of its streets or sidewalks for a fair or festival. Then, if it chooses, it can only regulate carry of firearms by someone who does not have a CHL only on those streets or sidewalks.

- Cities, if they choose, will be able to regulate carry in city halls, municipal courts, and municipal administration buildings.

- No city may ban licensed concealed carry in a city owned rec-center as long as the firearm is kept on your person, or secured, and out of public view (Don't leave your gun laying in a towel and then go jump in the pool leaving it unattended so some kid can grab it up.)

- If you inadvertently carry into an area a city is allowed (and chooses) to regulate, you have not committed a crime until you refuse/fail to leave the property with the firearm. This is in line with current handling of posted private property.

- A city must conspicuously post signs in any building it chooses to regulate.

- This bill has teeth. If a city violates the law and individual or group may challenge the city's ordrinances and reclaim reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. (This is huge.)


We are at the Goal Line. Final Push!
Thanks to your calls and emails, SB317 (one state, one law) made it over a major hurdle. But we are not finished. We cannot rest on our laurels. The fight is not yet won. SB317 now sits in the House Judiciary Committee. This Wednesday is its last opportunity to pass committee. If we do not act, it will die silently in Tim Manchin's committee.

We have to keep pushing. Be polite. Be professional. Being abusive or rude hurts our cause. But make the calls and send the emails. (Yes, both) The message is "Please pass SB317 without ANY changes." Both email and call. If they do not answer, leave a polite, professional, but firm message.

House Judiciary members:

Tim Manchin (D-Marion)
(304) 340-3252

Mark Hunt (D-Kanawha)
(304) 340-3392

John Ellem (R-Wood)
(304) 340-3394

Patrick Lane (R-Kanawha)
(304) 340-3275

Michael Ferro (D-Marshall)
(304) 340-3111

Barbara Fleischauer (D-Monongalia)
(304) 340-3169

Linda Longstreth (D-Marion)
(304) 340-3124

Dana Lynch (D-Webster)
(304) 340-3916

Mike Manypenney (D-Taylor)
(304) 340-3139

Justin Marcum (D-Mingo)
(304) 340-3126

Clif Moore (D-McDowell)
(304) 340-3189

Stephen Skinner (D-Jefferson)
(304) 340-3248

Isaac Sponaugle (D-Pendleton)
(304) 340-3154

Danny Wells (D-Kanawha)
(304) 340-3287

Cindy Frich (R-Monongalia)
(304) 340-3125

Bill Hamilton (R-Upshur)
(304) 340-3167

Eric Householder (R-Berkeley)
(304) 340-3274

Woody Ireland (R-Ritchie)
(304) 340-3195

J.B. McCuskey (R-Kanawha)
(304) 340-3183

John O'Neal (R-Raleigh)
(304) 340-3164

John Overington (R-Berkeley)
(304) 340-3148

John Shott
(304) 340-3187

Kelli Sobonya (R-Cabell)
(304) 340-3175
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